jeudi 11 octobre 2012

Varsovie et :) l'Euro de foot

Dresden-Warsaw: about 8 hours, if you consider you're gonna loose yourself in Berlin like I did. Like for most of my trips, I feel like I actually live in transportations, which has the benefice of the satisfaction you got once you are finally there. The train looks like any ex-USSR train, and I find myself sitless, in the corridors, trying to talk to people. And although we barely crossed the border, every single Polish guy I meet doesn't, or couldn't speack German. English, English and English. I find it really surprising, like there was a kind of repulsion towards German language there.

Anyway, once the train stopped in Warsaw, I step off and I don't have to wait too long to find my friend. It is incredibly much easier to manage your visit in an unknown city, specialy big, when you hang around with a nativ. And particurlarly when the currency is not euro. They take me to my future home, a summer house, not too far away from their home. This type of residence is very common in east Europe, I guess because winters are really tough, and summer really warm, and thus differents needs.

Then what do you do? You visit the city, and you insist on the really borring stuff like museums, while you still have the will for it, before hanging around and do normal stuff like normal people.

   One of the thing you quickly notice: Polish people are proud, especially when it comes to great caracters of history. Don't tell anyone that Marie Curie, ou Maria Sklodowska there, or Frédérick Chopin, ou Fryderyk chopin there, are French: otherwise they will take it very badly ( I tried, in the name of French humor). You got all over the city, streets, places, parks, museums, which bear these names. Museums which are indeed really well done. Then you have everything inherited from the USSR, and here I am thinking of the Palace of Culture and Science, highest tower in Poland, offered by Staline. And finally you got the old town, the castle, where it's nice to look around.

   Still, it's the Euro championship in Warsaw. With a huge fan zone just in the middle of the city, some ads everywhere, and Polish people looking at you like a real tourist (I don't really fit the profile of Polish either). Game Spain-France coming up in the everning, we all converge toward the zone, and I gotta admit, outnumbered by Spanish fans. We loose, fine, and then we go drinking vodka shooters. 25cents the shooter there, whereas you can make it 3€ anywhere in France or Germany. I totally go for it. People are used to drink some cola along with the shooters, in order to protect your larinx, I have been told, and when you want to look tough you don't take cola. We will end up later watching a show with sound and lights upon water, telling the story of Europe. It was beautiful.

   The last day, I am awaken by the father of my friend, who takes care of the garden in the summer house. We have been chatting a lot together, he happened to work in France and in Germany a long time ago. Then he takes me outisde, catch a bottle from a trap door in the ground, and we drink some shooters. 10am, after I just woke up with an hangover, tutto bene ;) Makes me think I can't wait to come back here!!!

And here I get off my Porsch to play piano

Chopin Park

That's what Europe is all about

Watching the game in the fan zone, with the Palace behind

Really was a nice time, ty Magda :)

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